Mary Bono Mack breaks her wrist snowboarding, plans to work on book

Mary Bono MackFormer Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack will be spending the first weeks of her new civilian life convalescing. Bono Mack broke her wrist over the weekend while trying her hand(s) at snowboarding at a Colorado ski resort. But the injury won’t stop her from working on a new project: a book.
Bono Mack was, according to her official Twitter account, vacationing at Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort with husband Connie Mack when the incident happened.

First (above), Bono Mack tweeted about giving snowboarding a try on January 18. Then, on Sunday (Jan. 20), Bono Mack tweeted to share news of her injury with her 10,751 followers.

Her followers were quick to send their best wishes for a speedy recovery, with one even suggesting she seek medical attention from her Congressional successor, Dr. Raul Ruiz.

“Maybe Congressman Dr Ruiz can take a look at it ?! ;o),” tweeted DustDevil65.
Bono Mack recently told The Desert Sun’s Bruce Fessier she was working with a literary agent and was in talks with several cable news networks about a possible on-air gig with her husband.

Ground-level interviews at Dr. Ruiz’s watch party

This is Javier Martinez’s first political gathering of the sorts. I stopped to talk to him while he and his wife, Angelica, grabbed some food.

He told the Desert Sun:

“I’m here because I want to celebrate when Ruiz takes office.”

“We need a change. Mary Bono Mack’s been in for a while. Most of her campaign is… was slander — not about what she’s done all of these years while she has been in office. I think it’s time for a change — see what Ruiz can do.”

“This is my first election.”

“We’re looking forward to a lot of things. The economy… Our school, I know we’ve had a lot of cuts. Maybe he can help out there.”


Two gay men want Romney

20121106-142803.jpgLarry Kirchner and Bruce Tominello of Palm Springs are staunch Romney supporters.

“Because Obama has done absolutely nothing in four years,” Kirchner said, calling the President’s handling of Benghazi “inept.”

“We’re both gay and we’re still voting for Romney all the way,” he said.



Premonition guides woman to vote for Romney

20121106-141701.jpgJudith, who declined to give her last name, said she had a “last minute premonition” when she stepped in front of the voting booth at Palm Springs Baptist Church Tuesday morning.

She said she saw Mitt Romney and wife Ann, who she said was, “subdued.” “She behaved like a lady,” Judith said. And as much as she wanted Mitt to win it, she would be OK if he didn’t, Judith said.

Judith said she has her doubts about Barack Obama. “He enjoys publicity too much – and he enjoys the presidential jet too much.”

Then she leaned in close and said quietly, “I do believe he was born in Hawaii. Anyone who says he wasn’t is not nice.”


Small business owner votes for Romney

20121106-100423.jpgYousef Sobhy owns four gas stations in the Coachella Valley and one in Banning. The past four years have been the worst for his business, he said.

He was at Palm Springs Baptist Church on Tuesday morning where he cast his vote for Mitt Romney.

“We need a change and he seems like he can help the economy better than Mr. Obama.”

Sobhy on gas: He predicts prices will continue to fall, but won’t get much lower than $3.50 a gallon.

Sobhy said “Everyone is nervous about the election,” but whether his man wins or loses, tomorrow will be a better day.

“Getting the election over with is going to help everything.”

“It’s the worst four years for my business,” he said.