Cathedral City recount starts Thursday

Riverside County election officials on Thursday will begin the much-anticipated recount of Cathedral City ballots.

The process is being funded by mayoral challenger Chip Yarborough, who has decided to pay $2,800 a day to have the pricier manual recount instead of one that relies on machines.

Yarborough lost to incumbent Mayor Kathy DeRosa by just 13 votes.

“The registrar said that there are chances of the machine missing something,” Yarborough told Desert Sun reporter Tamara Sone. “It’s expensive but people have been calling me saying that I have to do the recount.”

A machine recount would have cost $1,873 per day, according to earlier estimates.

County Registrar Kari Verjil told The Desert Sun that that first day of a recount is typically the slowest, as election officials and the observers get into their groove.

Yarborough has a team of supporters planning to go to Riverside to oversee the process.  He’s also hired a Los Angeles-based attorney to assist.

The recount will continue as long as Yarborough wants to fund it.

If Yarborough calls it off before each of the 12,303 Cathedral City ballots are recounted– as was the case during the 2010 recount of the Rancho Mirage council recount – the certified election results will stand.

The Nov. 6 election results now show DeRosa has 5,729 votes to Yarborough’s 5,716 votes. A third candidate, John David Kauffman got 858 votes.

The current schedule calls for the recount to continue Friday and — if necessary – resume on Monday. Verjil currently has no plans to have her staff work over the weekend.

There is no deadline for the registrar’s office to finish, but it is anticipated the entire recount will only take a few days.

“As a leader of this city, I am looking forward to the election coming to conclusion,” DeRosa said.

Update as of 11:45 a.m. Thursday: The photos in this blog were updated to reflect the activity this morning. The photos were submitted by Yarborough.


Cathedral City mayoral recount to begin Thursday after Chip Yarborough loses to Kathy DeRosa

Challenger Chip Yarborough reacted on Nov. 6 to Election Night returns, which put him ahead in the Cathedral City mayoral race. (Wade Byars, The Desert Sun)

A manual recount in the Cathedral City mayoral race will begin Thursday, the Riverside County Registrar of Voters announced Monday.

Chip Yarborough requested the recount after Mayor Kathy DeRosa’s come-from-behind victory. She finished with 5,729 votes, a 13-vote edge.

A recount costs about $1,873 per day, the registrar estimated.

A recount of the 12,303 ballots may take about three days, bringing the total cost to about $5,600.

The public recount will begin at 9 a.m. Thursday at the registrar’s office, 2724 Gateway Drive in Riverside.

Today was the last day to request a recount in Riverside County.

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Mayor Kathy DeRosa portrayed as witch in campaign piece

It appears the election antics aren’t over quite yet.

The latest is a flier portraying Cathedral City Mayor Kathy DeRosa as a witch, showing her flying over the civic center on a broomstick. It is being distributed mainly through email chains and on Facebook in order to solicit donations for mayoral challenger Chip Yarborough’s recount effort.

The image was created by photographer Peter Palladino, who said he’s not involved in Yarborough’s campaign but instead saw it as “a piece of art expressing my personal political views.”

The flier, obtained by The Desert Sun, includes a reference to Yarborough’s website, although Palladino said the text was not on his original work.

Yarborough has denied any involvement with the flier, but DeRosa said today that “it speaks to the integrity of the candidate whose name is on it and (of the person) who created it.”

“If it weren’t so juvenile, it would be disgusting,” DeRosa told The Desert Sun. “For me, it speaks to a lack of leadership. That the candidate doesn’t know about it and sees it now, it should absolutely be pulled from the Facebook page.”

Yarborough, who lost the Nov. 6 election by 13 votes, had planned to formally request a recount today.

“I am not aware of this ‘flier’ and will not be reporting it (as a donation) as I did not authorize it, nor did I spend money on it,” he said in an email.

Chip Yarborough to request recount

Cathedral City mayoral challenger Chip Yarborough will request a recount after the election results showed he was just 13 votes shy of unseating Mayor Kathy DeRosa.

Yarborough made the announcement on his Facebook page this evening, and is asking supporters to help him raise the $3,000 to $10,000 to cover costs.

The Riverside County registrar earlier told The Desert Sun the recount would cost about $5,600, assuming a cost of $1,873 per day for three days.

Yarborough, a retired 911 center administrator, plans to file the request by Thursday.

“This decision was based on the many notes, phone calls and emails from so many supporters,” he wrote on Facebook today. “We have run a great campaign and I owe it to our many, many supporters to double check the count.”

Yarborough had been leading in the close race, but that lead diminished as the provisional ballots were counted.

The Nov. 6 election results, certified Monday, show DeRosa has 5,729 votes to Yarborough’s 5,716 votes. A third candidate, John David Kauffman got 858 votes.

There are no automatic recounts in California. Whoever requests a recount also must cover the costs of the process.

The deadline to request a recount is Saturday.

Here’s how recounts work in California now that Riverside County is done counting

Twenty days after the polls closed, the Riverside County Registrar of Voters certified the results of the election on Monday. The final tally came in at 3:17 p.m. and was sent on to the Board of Supervisors.

The California Secretary of State tracks the counting of ballots and, as of 5 p.m. today, showed 21 of the 58 counties were done tallying.

Two Coachella Valley candidates had come-from-behind victories that look like prime candidates for recounts:

Cathedral City Mayor Kathy DeRosa finished with 5,729 votes (46.57%) over challenger Chip Yarbrough’s 5,716 (46.46%) — a 13-vote difference.

Palm Desert challenger Susan Marie Weber finished with 6,153 votes (15.83%) to incumbent Mayor Pro Tem Bill Kroonen’s 6,108 (15.71%) — a 45-vote gap.

Under state law, here’s how recounts work in California:

  • Any voter can ask for a recount.
  • The person requesting the recount foots the bill.
  • The voter must file a request with the Registrar of Voters office within five days after election results are certified. (The deadline in this case is Dec. 3.)
  • Recounts are public and must begin within seven days of receiving the request.
  • Any ballot may be challenged for ambiguity, incompleteness or other defects.
  • Recounts continue daily — not including weekends or holidays —for at least six hours every day until finished.

Registrar Kari Verjil hasn’t been able to provide a cost estimate for what a recount would cost today in these specific races.

Election update: Susan Marie Weber now leading Bill Kroonen in Palm Desert

Palm Desert Mayor Pro Tem Bill Kroonen is now on the verge of losing his seat to challenger Susan Marie Weber.

The latest election results, released tonight, show Weber has 6,116 votes to Kroonen’s 6,099 — a 17-vote advantage.

Until now, Kroonen had maintained the lead.

Registrar Kari Verjil earlier told The Desert Sun that she would prioritize results from the Palm Desert race, where 1,300 provisional ballots remained uncounted last week.

It was not immediately clear how many of those ballots are still outstanding.

In Cathedral City, the vote margin has narrowed dramatically.

Mayoral challenger Chip Yarborough is still beating incumbent Kathy DeRosa, but his lead has been cut to just 12 votes.

The official tally has Yarborough with 5,692 votes to DeRosa’s 5,680 votes.

Today’s update includes almost 30,000 ballots countywide. Another 33,000 provisional ballots still need to be counted, an unknown number of which are from the desert.
The registrar will post more results at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Politics as usual for Cathedral City candidates

They may have lost their election bids for Cathedral City council, but it is already clear that Jens Mueller and Paul Marchard are planning to stay involved in city politics.

Both Mueller and Marchard took to the microphone at Wednesday’s council meeting, using it as a podium to continue with some of the talking points that they used in their respective council campaigns.

Mueller spent his three minutes saying that council should spend less time on tracking the bed taxes that come from vacation rentals and more time on reducing the city’s pension bill.

Marchand — who immediately suggested Mueller was launching a 2014 campaign — also took time to congratulate Councilman Greg Pettis, councilman-elect Stan Henry and mayoral challenger Chip Yarborough, who is leading as votes continue to be counted.

As Marchand turned to leave the podium, Mayor Kathy DeRosa decided to weigh in.

“Thank you, and don’t be too premature: the election has not been certified,” DeRosa said.

The Riverside County Registrar has until Dec. 4 to finish counting the Nov. 6 election ballots and to certify the results.

The latest tally shows DeRosa trailing Yarborough by 180 votes. Additional results will be posted Friday.

Tamara Sone contributed to this blog post.

Palm Desert race still close in latest election results

The Riverside County Registrar of Voters just posted another update of election results, and it appears Palm Desert Mayor Pro Tem Bill Kroonen has widened his lead slightly.

Kroonen now has a 47-vote advantage over challenger Susan Marie Weber. But roughly 1,300 provisional ballots remain uncounted in the valley’s closest race, according to Registrar Kari Verjil.

In Cathedral City, mayoral challenger Chip Yarborough’s lead over incumbent Kathy De Rosa has narrowed from 201 votes to 180 votes.

And in the 36th Congressional contest, Democrat Raul Ruiz widened his lead to 7,827 votes. Republican Rep. Mary Bono Mack has already conceded the race.

Another 60,000 provisional ballots and 9,000 damaged ballots remain uncounted countywide. The next update will be released Friday evening.

The updated results for key desert races are here:

Palm Desert council: (top three win)

Mayor Bob Spiegel: 8,394 votes or 22.43 percent

Van Tanner: 7,799 votes or 20.84 percent

Kroonen: 5,950 votes or 15.90 percent

Weber: 5,903 votes or 15.77 percent

Aurora Wilson: 5,583 votes or 14.92 percent

Ron Moers: 2,352 votes or 6.28 percent

Terry Wood: 1,450 votes or 3.87 percent

Cathedral City:

DeRosa: 5,233 votes or 45.75 percent

John David Kauffman: 792 votes or 6.92 percent

Yarborough: 5,413 votes or 47.32 percent

36th Congressional:

Ruiz: 100,732 votes or 52.02 percent

Bono Mack: 92,905 or 47.98 percent