Brian Nestande wants to limit bills

In an effort to get his colleagues to finally address one of his legislative pet peeves, Assemblyman Brian Nestande recently re-introduced a plan to curb the number of bills state lawmakers introduce each year.

House Resolution 4 would cut the maximum of number of bills lawmakers can introduce during the two-year cycle from 40 bills down to 30 bills.

It marks the third time Nestande, a Palm Desert Republican, has introduced the idea.

In a statement, Nestande said taxpayers spend about $20,000 on each bill that goes through the legislative process.

“It is no secret that California has an overabundance of regulation.  Businesses and hard-working families of California are burdened by new laws that come out of Sacramento every year,” Nestande said in the statement.

“By lowering the bill limit, we will have more thoughtful legislation, fewer new laws enacted every year, and we will save the state up to $24 million in the process. It’s a win-win proposition for Californians.”