Raul Ruiz prepares for swearing-in

Rep.-elect Raul Ruiz is in the district this week, but his aides are busy preparing for the Jan. 3 swearing-in ceremony.

Ruiz’s campaign today invited supporters to join the Palm Desert Democrat in Washington, when the newly-elected┬áleader of the 36th Congressional District joins the 113th Congress.

According to the invitation, a viewing party will be held that morning at Ruiz’s new office, 1319 Longworth Building.┬áThroughout the afternoon, Ruiz’s office will host an open house and aides will provide Capitol tours.

Supporters interested in attending are encouraged to email the campaign at info@drraulruiz.com

Ruiz’s campaign has remained tight-lipped about all staff hires, either in Washington or in the desert. Ruiz has yet to annouce where his desert offices will be located.

He technically doesn’t have an office budget until he takes the oath on Jan. 3, although outgoing Rep. Mary Bono Mack’s office is expected to be closed before then.

District director Marc Troast intially told The Desert Sun the Republican’s Palm Desert office might be shuttered last Friday.

But that date came and went, and Troast now says the office at 36953 Cook Street will be open through this week at least.

Ruiz has told The Desert Sun that he would have “a very aggressive, engaged congressional office.”

“We have a strategic plan to get to January, so that once we start, we start with our feet on the ground and working hard,” Ruiz previously said.

“And I’m very motivated to roll up my sleeves again and start working hard with everyone in this district and really making a change.”