Rep. Bono Mack: holidays a “tough time for politicians”

As the fiscal cliff (or insert best metaphor to describe the looming tax hikes/spending cuts trigger here) approaches, outgoing Palm Springs Republican Rep. Mary Bono Mack and her husband, outgoing Florida Rep. Connie Mack, have been making the rounds on CNN.

The Congressional lame-duck duo already expressed their difference of opinion regarding tax rate talks last week. (“I’m right and he’s happy,” Bono Mack quipped as they sat side-by-side Thursday while on camera. Do we see a future on-air for the couple?  Watch your backs, Alex Castellanos and Ari Fleischer.)

This morning, millions of CNN viewers saw Bono Mack and Mack talk more fiscal cliff during a round-table discussion on Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien.

“First of all, the timing of this probably  couldn’t be worse for negotiation purposes, from our perspective, to some degree,” Bono Mack told O’Brien. “Right before the holidays, which is a tough time for politicians anyway.  In some terms, we feel like it’s light years between now and the New Year, but it’s really not.  It’s right around the corner.  Lawmakers will continue to feel a lot of pressure between now and then to get something done.”

The holidays-being-a-tough-time-for-politicians comments stirred some interest on the Internet.  Tommy Christopher, a columnist at the generally left-leaning media watchdog site Mediaite commented:

“As tough as life is for members of Congress, millions of Americans might find a hard time sympathizing with a body that refuses to even vote on a bill, already passed by the Senate, that would extend tax cuts for 98% of them. President Obama has a pen all ready to sign it, and that shouldn’t eat up too many of the 28 days that remain until the fiscal cliff arrives.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the on-camera “Mack attack” (all due credit to Christopher and Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet) will continue to make CNN appearances as the fiscal cliff talks continue.