Mayor Kathy DeRosa portrayed as witch in campaign piece

It appears the election antics aren’t over quite yet.

The latest is a flier portraying Cathedral City Mayor Kathy DeRosa as a witch, showing her flying over the civic center on a broomstick. It is being distributed mainly through email chains and on Facebook in order to solicit donations for mayoral challenger Chip Yarborough’s recount effort.

The image was created by photographer Peter Palladino, who said he’s not involved in Yarborough’s campaign but instead saw it as “a piece of art expressing my personal political views.”

The flier, obtained by The Desert Sun, includes a reference to Yarborough’s website, although Palladino said the text was not on his original work.

Yarborough has denied any involvement with the flier, but DeRosa said today that “it speaks to the integrity of the candidate whose name is on it and (of the person) who created it.”

“If it weren’t so juvenile, it would be disgusting,” DeRosa told The Desert Sun. “For me, it speaks to a lack of leadership. That the candidate doesn’t know about it and sees it now, it should absolutely be pulled from the Facebook page.”

Yarborough, who lost the Nov. 6 election by 13 votes, had planned to formally request a recount today.

“I am not aware of this ‘flier’ and will not be reporting it (as a donation) as I did not authorize it, nor did I spend money on it,” he said in an email.