Field Poll looks at ‘growing political might’ of ethnic voters

In a first for California’s elections, the Field Poll says turnout among the state’s ethnic voters was nearly equal to the participation among “white, non-Hispanic voters.”

The analysis, released today, is based on exit polling.

It shows that Latinos, Asian Americans and African Americans made up roughly 40 percent of the voters in the Nov. 6 election — mirroring the breakdown of registered voters statewide.

Ethnic voter participation has been on the rise since the 1994 election.

“The 2012 elections may prove to be a turning point in California politics – one that has been many years in the making – as the political might of the expanding ethnic voter population fully exerted itself in this year’s statewide elections,” the analysis states.

You can read the entire memo here, including a look at how the demographic changes could impact the Republican and Democratic parties.