At least 1,300 uncounted ballots remain in tight Palm Desert race

Roughly 1,300 provisional ballots remain uncounted in Palm Desert, where Mayor Pro Tem Bill Kroonen is fending off challenger Susan Marie Weber by a mere 33 votes.

The actual number of outstanding ballots in that city could be higher.

Registrar Kari Verjil’s estimate, provided to The Desert Sun today, only takes into account the 60,000 provisional ballots that remain uncounted countywide.

Another 15,500 by-mail and 9,500 damaged ballots countywide also need to be counted. It is not known how many of those are from Palm Desert.

“They’ll want to keep an eye on this one,” Verjil said. “The vote trends usually continue. But it’s not final until I certify.”

The entire ballot count will likely last until after Thanksgiving.

Kroonen seemed confident in his victory last week.

He jointly authored a letter to the editor with Palm Desert Mayor Bob Spiegel and councilman-elect Van Tanner thanking residents for “their generous support and confidence in us.”

“We look forward to working with our fellow city council members to lead with thoughtful civility as we meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that face our community, while maintaining the standard of excellence for which the city of Palm Desert is known,” stated the letter, published Friday.