Spotted: Mary Bono Mack heads out of the desert

Although her election results aren’t final yet, Rep. Mary Bono Mack has apparently left the desert.

Local interior designer Christopher Kennedy posted on Facebook that he spotted Bono Mack at the American Airlines counter trying to “get a seat on an oversold flight just like I am. “

Kennedy later noted that they were both on board the plane, but did not state the destination.

An American Airlines flight that left Palm Springs International around noon was headed to Dallas, a major hub.

The latest election results from the Riverside County registrar indicate Bono Mack, a Palm Springs Republican, is being ousted by Democratic challenger Raul Ruiz.

But win or lose, Bono Mack is expected to be back in Washington next week as Congress grapples with the pending fiscal cliff.

Bono Mack’s aides have not responded to requests for comment since issuing a statement Wednesday afternoon that said they wouldn’t discuss the race until it was finalized.

More election results are expected this evening.