Raul Ruiz ‘looking foward’ to Mary Bono Mack’s consession call

Republican Rep. Mary Bono Mack today backed off earlier comments that indicated she would concede the race for the 36th Congressional District, with her aides saying it was “premature” to call the results final.

Democratic challenger Raul Ruiz sees it differently.

After the first round of results showed the emergency room physician was trailing, Ruiz was able to cover the gap and ultimately gain a 4,557 vote lead over the Palm Springs Republican incumbent.

“I’m really looking forward to her phone call,” Ruiz told The Desert Sun in an exclusive interview this afternoon.

“I’m confident because the numbers we have now and the trend we have seen is, it’s definitely reassuring.”

Roughly 183,000 ballots still need to be counted countywide. County election officials do not yet know exactly how many of those are from the 36th Congressional district.