Survey: 87 percent of Latino voters will go to polls

Both Republicans and Democrats have been targeting local Latinos in this eleciton, a voting bloc that’s traditionally hard to get to the polls.

A survey released this week indicates 87 percent of Latinos nationwide are “almost certain” they will vote next Tuesday.

The survey also found that 45 percent of Latinos are more excited about this election than they were the 2008 presidential vote.

The polling was done by inpreMedia and Latino Decisions, a project of Pacific Market Research and scholars at Stanford University and the University of Washington.

“The poll shows that this year we can anticipate record participation among Latino voters,” impreMedia CEO Monica Lozano said in a statement.

“However, Latinos are also realistic about what it will take to make real progress on the issues they care about, especially given the lack of cooperation among our elected representatives in Congress.”

Update: Population figures show that roughly 47 percent of all residents in the 36th Congressional District are Latino. However, the Riverside County registrar does not provide a breakdown of its voter registration figures by race.