Mary Bono Mack campaign ad makes unexpected TV star out of officer

When Rep. Mary Bono Mack released her latest campaign ad Friday, it made an unexpected TV star out of one valley officer.

The ad shows clips of law enforcement from across the valley and state speaking during a press conference outside the Palm Springs Police Department on Monday.

Palm Springs Police Officers’ Association President (Sgt.) William Hutchinson, who’s one of two people featured in the TV commercial, said he was caught off guard by appearing in a campaign ad — and told the Bono Mack campaign so in an email Friday.

“I understand it, but I would have liked to have had a call, at least, to get a heads up,” he told us.

Hutchinson insisted the only aim of the officers — who have not endorsed either candidate in the tight Congressional race — is to have their message heard and their questions answered.

“This is not a coordinated effort between Mary Bono Mack’s campaign and law enforcement,” he said. “This is law enforcement’s voice, and she is using it for her own agenda.”

Neither campaign responded to email inquiries Friday or Saturday about the press conference. Candidates usually send cameramen to events on both sides.

Dr. Raul Ruiz spokesman Patrick Boland has blocked this Desert Sun reporter’s Twitter account from following his account, so I could not send him a direct message to inquire that way.