First ballots get mailed today

With the California primary just two months away, election officials across the state are starting to mail out the first ballots.

The ballots that get mailed today will go to California voters who are serving in the armed forces or living abroad.

For those of us living closer to home, sample ballots will be sent out starting April 26. Official vote-by-mail ballots are distributed starting May 7.

“Whether you live across town or across the globe, if you are an eligible voter, I want to make sure you cast your ballot in the June election,” California Secretary of State Debra Bowen said in a statement.

The news release noted that nearly 103,000 special absentee ballots were sent to California military and overseas voters for the November 2008 presidential election.

Be sure to check out the California Secretary of State’s website for more information on military and overseas voting.

The California primary election is on June 5.