County judicial candidate challenges incumbent to debate

Riverside County prosecutor John Henry, a candidate for Superior Court judge, is challenging the incumbent to a debate.

In a news release, Henry said Judge Craig Riemer has publicly questioned his motivation for running and struck a “condescending and insulting” tone when discussing the campaign.

“I am more than willing to put my years as a prosecutor up against Mr. Riemer’s years as a research lawyer before he became a judge,” Henry said in a statement.

“I am willing to meet him at anytime, anywhere and in front of any audience to debate the real issues at stake here.”

When contacted by The Desert Sun, Riemer said it was the first he was hearing about a proposed debate.

“I have received nothing on that subject from Henry’s camp. If and when I do, I will consider it,” Riemer said in an email.

“But the very fact that he is issuing the challenge to the press, rather than to me, shows that this is simply another quest for free publicity, rather than a serious attempt to engage me.”

Riemer is one of four Riverside County Superior Court judges being challenged in the June 5 election.