‘Women of the 99 percent’ target Bono Mack

A strange robocall by the “Women of the 99 percent” is targeting Rep. Mary Bono Mack.

The call, which is starting to appear on local answering machines, calls on the Palm Springs Republican to denounce radio host Rush Limbaugh for comments he made about a university student who testified about the cost of birth control.

Similar robocalls are targeting other congressional Republicans, including  Rep. Jim Renacci of Ohio and Rep. Dan Benishek of Michigan.

The 45-second automated message does not include a required “paid for” stamp.

Bono Mack’s office says she has already denounced Limbaugh’s comments. According to her official spokesman in Washington, Bono Mack has been asked about the comments several times and denounced them each time.

She not yet released any public statement on the matter.

In interviews with The Desert Sun and other media organizations, Bono Mack has also called on her colleagues to return to a “level of civility and statesmanship” in their discourse.