Bono Mack’s tax filing becomes issue in Florida campaign

Rep. Mary Bono Mack’s Palm Springs home has become a talking point on the Florida campaign trail.

Bono Mack and her husband, Rep. Connie Mack, are being criticized by Mack’s political opponents for getting two homestead exemptions.

As noted in today’s report by the News-Press, they are legally allowed to file for two exemptions as long as the couple maintains separate bank accounts, file their taxes separately and confirm neither is on the other’s deed for the homesteaded property.

Bono Mack purchased her home after former Palm Springs mayor Sonny Bono died in 1998.

The tax exemption is the latest issue that Mack has faced on the campaign trail, where he is trying to unseat Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

The Miami Herald recently reported that Mack has privately struggled with his finances, and got into four confrontations – including a bar fight – when he was younger.